Thursday, March 19, 2009

A new calendar for the healthplex

Do you know when to go to the fitness center? Well, now you have one more tool in our toolbox which will help you remember when you need to be in the fitness center.

1. It is a public calendar. You do not need to sign up with anyone to see it.
2. It is a secure connection (RC4 128 bit secure connection). Keep crackers from altering the information you see from the information we send.
3. It is a Google Calendar. Add it to your list of Google Calendars and see it with your other Google Calendars to see for schedule overlaps and avoid any delays.

Are you ready? Jump in ...

Just want to know the hours the fitness center is open? No problem! Just click here. :D

Side-note: IE8, the latest iteration of Windows Internet Explorer, seems to be better than its predecessors. A healthy competition exists in the web browser market, with Apple, Google, Mozilla, Opera et al trying to grab a slice of the pie. Even Microsoft seems to be serious about its commitment to standardization with IE8.

For a comparison of web browsers, please click here. As of March 19, 2009, kdg recommends Mozilla Firefox stable. Get it here. However, I must add that kdg believes in standardization, thus also supports the spirit of "any browser" as Jacob Ozolins said, "All browsers support the internet, and this internet site supports all browsers". Please visit the any browser website for details.

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