Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who keeps fish?

I came across this question this morning and spent a good hour trying to solve it.

Hyperlink to the question

Here's what I did:

(I made a table with five rows and five columns and filled in as I went through. I used single alphabet representations in the table, where possible.)

The Norwegian lives in the first house.

The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
The second house is blue.

The man living in the house right in the center drinks milk.

My conjecture is that the red house is in the far right.

Now the British lives in the red house, leaving green and white vacant, for now.

The green house is on the left of the white house (next to it).

The Norwegian lives in a Yellow house.

My conjecture is incorrect as "The green house owner drinks coffee."

Thus the red house is in the center.

Thus, the green house is to the right of the red and the white house is to the right of the green. The order of the houses is complete: YBRGW.

Until now, only the Norwegian and the British have been located/moved in.

The Norwegian smokes Dunhill as "The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill. "

The man in the blue house keeps horses as "The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill."

"The owner who smokes Blue Master drinks beer." So it cannot be the Norwegian in the yellow house. Thus, the Norwegian does not drink beer. However, "The Dane drinks tea." So, the Dane does not drink beer either. Now, we have the Brit, the German, and the Swede. "The German smokes Prince." So, the German does not smoke Blue Master. We are down to the Brit and the Swede. However, we have already established that the Brit drinks milk. So the owner who smokes Blue Master and drinks beer must be the Swede.

As "The Swede keeps dogs as pets." and as we established, smokes Blue Master and drinks beer, he must live in the white house as that is the only possibility. (The Norwegian smokes Dunhill, the person in the blue house has a horse, the Brit drinks milk, and the owner of the green house drinks coffee).

"The Dane drinks tea." The Dane must live in the blue house as the Norwegian lives in the yellow house and we know what all the others drink. By elimination, the German must live in the green house. Thus, the order of nationalities is complete: NDBGS.

By elimination, the Norwegian drinks water.

"The man who smokes blend has a neighbor who drinks water." Thus the Dane must smoke blend.

"The German smokes Prince." Thus, by elimination, the Brit must smoke Paul Mall.

"The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds." Thus the Brit rears birds.

"The man who smokes blend lives next to the one who keeps cats." Thus, either the Norwegian or the Brit keeps cats. However, the Brit rears birds. Thus, the Norwegian must keep cats.

Hence, by elimination, the German keeps fish.

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