Monday, May 11, 2009

DRM and the onslaught on books

I just hope we don't have to go through the same old routine—DRM down our throats.

Please remember that DRM does NOT solve the problem. If you can see and/or hear it, you can copy it with the utmost ease. DRM just puts obstacles for people who legally purchase the books. Which I would guess is a fine reason if you want me to buy the same book twice—for the kindle and for the iPhone.

Wait, I thought we were on the same side when the issue was whether I can put ripped CD music on my iPod ... It is kind of strange how loyalties change once money is involved. *sob

Oh well, enough of crying. Let sell those DRM-ridden books. Six years later, when Kindle is finally a success and has a "monopoly" on e-book market, you will go running to Apple and offer DRM-free "e-book plus".

I just wished all this convulated way could be avoided. Alas, nature (and corporate management) take their own way.

(expected to appear on the New York Times)

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