Sunday, June 28, 2009

Read and write

As I may have hinted in the past, I have been writing--not for school or for work--but for myself. I am using (sometimes referred to as OOo) on a 2006 MacBook with Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.11) to write it. The file is in open document format. It is not password protected, and I have set OOo to automatically keep previous versions when I save over them on exit. Thus, it is not appropriate for me to publish the file as it is. I love the publish as PDF option a lot though, and hybrid files mean that in the unusual case that someone needs to edit the document that I send them, they can do so. 
It is annoying that OOo differentiates between "Enter" and "Return" well, that's another topic. I do not want to digress more than I already have. Lets get back on topic, shall we? 
Some logs are factual, some are opinionated, but some are just pure fictional. I would feel very comfortable with posting the factual. I would have little trouble with the purely fictional. However, I don't know what to do with the ones that are opinionated. I feel that writing has made my viewpoint clearer on many issues. I have even shaped and reshaped my stance on a few pressing issues that the world faces today as I read, wrote, and rewrote. 
So there, just a little warning for everyone that my opinions on most matters are not set in stone. I will try to be flexible and I will try to learn. I hope I can do both as I continue to read and write. 

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