Friday, July 24, 2009

East Texas Art Fest '09 A look at the first day and a look ahead

07/24/09 08:26:21 AM Marshall, Texas.
The first day of the art fest was July 23. It was an interesting bunch of people and everyone seemed to be having fun. I was having fun himself, so my views might be a bit biased. Although I had to leave early (I know, boo!), I am sure the people there were having fun and a small but steady stream of people was coming in. I will leave you with a picture of the set for now. I will try to get some You Tube video embeds soon.
Just a reminder, the Art Fest will continue today (July 24, 2009) at Washington Square, NOT at the old SWEPCO warehouse (that was for July 23). If you can stay until 11 PM, you just might get to see Grant Massey. If you are in town, just stop by at the Washington Square where they have bands lining up from six in the evening, poetry readings (at Prospero's) from seven in the evening, and the downtown shops (presumably all day). Here is the schedule as far as I know:
Band Line Up
06:00:00 PM
Linda Dickson
07:00:00 PM
AJ Haynes
08:00:00 PM
Musical Heresy
09:00:00 PM
Baruch The Scribe
10:00:00 PM
11:00:00 PM
Grant Massey
Poetry Reading at Prospero's Books
07:00:00 PM
Open Mic
08:00:00 PM
Kevin Walthal/Open Mic
09:00:00 PM
AJ Haynes/Open Mic
10:00:00 PM
Open Mic
The shops downtown include:

  • The Bluefrog Grill

  • A Tisket A Tasket

  • Charley and Bella's

  • Bare Necessities

  • Wiessman's Center

  • Central Perks

  • The Dressing Room

  • OS2 Bar
Just a quick note: Events and schedules may be subject to change. As I am neither a part of the planning of the events nor embedded with the planning parties, my description might be out of date or outright wrong. I appreciate your understanding.

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