Thursday, September 10, 2009

Atma chintan se hi hoga atma parivartan

Here is the text of the youtube description:

"Asha Bhonsle ATMA CHINTAN SE HI HOGA VISHWA PARIVARTAN Extremely Soulful Meditation Song From Brahma Kumaris
Let Us All Take A Very Informed Oath That Each One Of Us Would Start This Process Of Transformation From This Very Moment." 
We can loosely translate "atma chintan" to self-meditation. or even introspection (thank you Dr. Ogden!). Similarly, self-change would probably be a good enough transliteration of "atma parivartan". The song says that self change is possible through introspection.Furthermore, to effect world change, one must first focus on self-change. 
Thus, according to the song, introspection, or self-meditation, is a way that can help one in one's way to change the world! 
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