Thursday, September 17, 2009

A big tale of Mr Big

Ah. Mr Big. Which Mr Big am I talking about? NO, I am not talking about the musical band. I am talking about Mr. Big, a plush panda from  can of bear studios
From the can of bear studios website: 
Made in China and spotted by our very own talent scout Ryan Lynch, Mr Big came the great state of Texas at the end of May 2009. He is a member of the can of bears creative team. He has worked actively to preserve the rights of animals. He is a card-carrying member of PETA (Plush toys for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). He garnered much praise for his photo shoot "I'd rather go bear than wear fur"showcased on the June edition of Plush boy (readers' discretion advised).  
THE Mr. Big stars in the yet unreleased can of bears movie, The Thrill. Together with Poogie, Mr Pig goes through great adventures in this humorous movie.  
Liberal use of imagination; please do not take too literally.) 
Well there you have it. Authoritative information, straight from the source. The production that brought you the hunting incident series (no, not Mr Cheney's story, what's wrong with you people?). It is about the tiger (link to you tube to soldier's perspective). 
Disclaimer: I am personally associated with the enterprise of can of bears. can of bears is, at the moment, entirely a hobbyist project. I do not expect to derive any financial profit out of it. 

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