Friday, September 18, 2009

Google's position on vendor lock-in

Two words: Data Liberation

While this new blog is new, writer Brian "Fitz" Fitzpatrick says that the associated project is two years old now. Lets look at what he thinks of this front:
We expect to use this blog to give tips and tricks on getting data in and out of Google products, as well as kudos and reviews for services supporting rich import/export features. We think that we can provide simple solutions for liberating/managing your data stored in the cloud, and let you voice your complaints about services that aren't properly liberated.
This is very important going forward because Google has to convince people that it is safe to store their documents online just as it is safe for them to store their emails online. At this point, Google's main challenge is probably not other cloud-computing and cloud-storage also-rans. A significant amount of reaching over will have to focus on the effort to convince users that having their data on the cloud will not be just as good as having it on your own computer, but that it will be better. 

Do you sense any attempts to ease customers into a particular web-based operating system?

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