Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kushal's take on Google Wave


Basically, we are trying out this new real-time, multi-party
collaboration tool from Google. With a large test base (~900k users
around the world), we hope to learn whether the "wave" could be a
viable replacement for existing means of communication like email and
instant messaging.


Google Wave is a new protocol that hopes to augment and eventually
replace e-mail as we know today. It is under heavy development and
things could change dramatically going forward.

Google wave is places great emphasis on multi-party and real time
collaboration. Google wave will play nicely with the Google wave
federation protocol (which is open source) which guarantees that
Google competitors will be able to offer similar, inter-operable

Where does all this fit into Google's financial outlook? Glad you asked.

Google Wave is strongly centralized. Everything is in the "cloud".
Specifically, everything is stored on server where a wave originated.

As more people begin using Google Wave, they will realize that they
can do so much more if they are connected to the web all the time. The
more time people spend online, the better for Google. Google gets an
overwhelming majority of its monies from online advertising. It
believes that the more people are online, the better is the revenue
pie (and hence the bigger is Google's share of the pie).


The above is a personal opinion. It is not professional advice. May
contain errors. Please remember that you accept this document "as-is".

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