Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New York Times and Windows 7

When I saw this link on New York Times Bits Blog earlier today (screenshot below, central time), it took me a few moments to realize the assault on Windows 7.

It has been slightly over a month of the retail availability of Windows 7. Soon, Microsoft will release figures for how the sales were during the first month. Here's what the numbers will mean (if I am reading the New York Times' position correctly): diddly squat

From Apple's Dictionary:
diddly-squat |ˈdidlē ˌskwät| (also diddly, diddley, or doodly-squat)
pronoun [usu. with negative ] informal
anything : she didn't care diddly-squat about what Darryl thought | they don't know diddly about softball.
ORIGIN late 20th cent.: probably from slang doodle [excrement] + squat in the sense [defecate.]
Example curtesy of Microsoft:
More than 20 million licenses were sold in the opening month of general availability for the new operating system [Vista], as new tools and programs ease the transition for consumers.

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