Sunday, November 15, 2009

Switch on and switch off: A tale of "reply to" on twitter

Well, a few days ago I wrote that I did not have "in reply to" in my twitter at all (including older messages). Well, twitter seems adamant at proving me wrong as it is back as I see it is back now.

Here is a screenshot. There's no point linking to it because my twitter account is protected (and so is Chelsi's).

I will try to update this blog if and when I get more information but I cannot make any promises. I am not affiliated or related to  the twitter management team in any way.

In unrelated news, I think twitter should tell us how to conduct conversations on twitter by text messages. Right now, when I reply to someone's tweet via text messaging, there is pretty much no way of going back to the thread other than painfully going through each tweet of the people involved.

I would love to hear more about this from anyone knowledgeable about the issue. :)

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