Saturday, December 5, 2009

Know Your Meme: "Weird Al" Yankovic Helps Explain Auto Tune

You have to watch this one, if you want to know what autotune is...

It has over a million views and it is less than a month old. This one is EPIC!

From the video information:
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The Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies examines the phenomenon of Auto-Tune with help from special guest Professor "Weird Al" Yankovic!
Antares Auto Tune
T-Pain: Can't Believe It Auto Tune in Action (audio)
Cher: Believe
T-Pain: Chopped and Skrewed
T-Pain: Freeze,9171,1877372,00.html
Auto-Tune:Why Pop Music Sounds Perfect
Perfect Pitch
Tone Deaf Stars Thrive on Digital Correction Software
T-Pain Builds Power with Digital Prowess
The Arusha Accord
Loftland Shhh Just Listen
Auto-tune Killed Hip Hop
Singing Kitties
Baby T-Pain
Winston Churchill Backed by Band from Future
Vimeo: Auto Tuning
Slap Chop Rap
B.O.B Autotune
Carl Sagan - A Glorious Dawn
Auto-tune the News #2
Jay Zs Death of Auto Tune video
Unintended consequences: Jay-Zs Death of Auto-Tune boosts sales of the software

Jay-Z "D.O.A. + 99 Problems (Wallpaper. Remix)
The Lonely Island: I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain)
Additional music by The Discoghosts

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