Sunday, March 7, 2010

Facebook exit page

Facebook's exit page for the web is an advertisement for its mobile offering
This is what you see when you initially go to Facebook
This has been around for a bit now. Facebook seems to be promoting its mobile offering when people log out from their computers. Even at first glance, this simple idea seems to be brilliant. It does not cost anything more to slap that ad in there than to just say "facebook helps you connect ... [yada yada yada]" 

I guess it also makes sense as why would you need to tout the benefits of joining facebook to people who are already on Facebook? Moreover, now that facebook has over four hundred million user accounts, maybe now is a good time to get people to stay on facebook more as opposed to get more people to sign up for facebook. I am not saying that facebook does not need to push for more users. I am just saying that priorities may have shifted a little.

Need a second opinion? All Facebook has more  (not to mention a bit more timely and more reliable) on this topic at 

Well, that's that for this topic, I guess. 

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