Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is Google TV?

The tweet is here. Welcome, Google TV.

Youtube lean back: According to the demo, youtube leanback will just start playing and there is no clicking involved. Videos based on recommendations (from your friends or people you subscribe) and channels will be available. Google says you will be able to lean back but keep control.
Sony: A full line of new televisions that work with Google TV.
IntelIntel Atom will be powering all these devices.
More partners: Logitech, Dish network, Best Buy
Availability: Fall 2010, source will not be released until later

We will have to wait and see how consumers take it. The answer possibly lies, not in the big issues like openness and platforms but user experience and usability. One of the questions that we need answered is "What are the compelling reasons for me to change the way I watch TV?"

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