Friday, November 5, 2010

Google Chrome readying to bring instant search to the masses

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Well, this is it! Google is testing instant search directly from the omnibox (formerly the address bar) in the latest v9 developmental builds.

If you are using the canary or developmental builds of Google Chrome, head over to preferences (options) from the wrench menu. On the 
Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing
Omnibox input may be logged Learn more
Checking the box will open up a pop up as below. 
Instant lets you view web pages and search results faster than ever! 
With instant enabled, most web pages begin loading as soon as you type a URL in the omnibox, before you hit enter. In addition, if supported by your default search engine, search results appear instantly as you type queries in the omnibox, and in-line predictions help guide your search. 
Because new search results are requested each time you press a key, anything you type into the omnibox may be logged as a search query by your default search engine. 
Learn more
At last check, the two "learn more" links leas to google home at
Options window in chrome 9 (dev) after enabling instant search and browsing

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