Friday, August 31, 2007

Essay Assignment: The C Prof
Topic: A world-renowned professor at your college offers a class that all other students say is the most insightful and brilliant on campus. The topic of the class interests you, but the professor is a notoriously hard grader. If given the opportunity, would you take the class or not? Explain your position with reasons and examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.

According to ETS (Educational Testing Service), a score of six would be something like

In response to this assignment, you have responded appropriately and effectively. Here are some of the strengths in your writing:

Your essay:

  • States or implies clearly your thesis or position on this topic
  • Organizes and develops ideas logically with clear, insightful connections among them
  • Uses particularly well-chosen evidence (reasons, examples, or details) to support your ideas
  • Conveys your meaning in an interesting, imaginative, or particularly effective style
  • Demonstrates sentence structure and variety that enhances your emphasis
  • Displays facility and clarity in choice of language
  • Uses grammar and mechanics correctly (virtually free of errors) and demonstrates understanding of correct usage

Initial thoughts:

There are two ways to approach this question.

  1. I would take the class.
  2. I would not take the class.

I always love to take the unconventional, almost heretic route to questions because I like to make-believe that I am a liberal person (which I am not, my "smallest political quiz" result was a "centrist"). Anyways, the main point was that I would like to choose "the road less traveled" (no offense to Robert Frost).

More students choose to write that they would take the first option. I think it seems natural. Maybe it is. But to me, it sounds too obvious. Maybe I am a cynic, after all; but that is another topic.

Let me do some brainstorming. Let us assume that I chose I am not taking that class. What would be the logic behind it? Why would I choose not to take the course?

Before I begin, I think I will just run the question on google (with quotation marks) just to be sure of the topic ...

... and I found the ETS website that has all these questions! I also got to the page which has tips on what I should do to get a perfect full score. (Please see above.)

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