Sunday, December 16, 2007

I could not go to the graduation ceremony. However, I got some packing done in the time. As you know, I am very bad at making last minute preparations. I have to get things done ahead of time or I will not get them done at all.

Our room is very nice now. If it was not for campus policy and if any of my friends were still here, I would invite them to visit our room! Ryan did a great job with cleaning the room (he is such a nice person) and I am finishing it up. It was nasty under the micro fridge; you would need to see it to believe it. However, its clean now. I organized my clothes, books, and stuff on the top bunk. My to do list consists of

1. Take shower
2. Hang towel
3. Defrost fridge in the shower
4. Take trash out
5. Final packing checklist
6. Go to bed on time

1. Wake up on time
2. Make bed
3. Put towel in drawer
4. Make sure everything is all right for room check (my RD is coming for room check!)
5. Take my stuff
6. Leave ...

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