Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Don't click the checkout button! Google introduces Google Chrome OS

I know what I am saying will not please many people in the industry. However, if you already have a working notebook or another computer and were in the market to buy a cheap new netbook, hold your horses until the end of 2010. There is an option in the horizon. Google is talking about its new operating system (as far as I know, based on Linux) and from what I have read, its pretty much a done deal. Why? Because Google is talking timeline here. (It would never do that unless it was pretty sure it could meet its deadlines. Afterall, who likes setting deadlines for themselves, knowing they could embarrass themselves?)

Oh, what do you say? You need a netbook and you need it now? Fear not! Plenty of systems are available today sporting Linux or Windows. Spice things up with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix or keep your vanilla OS and try out Google Chrome OS when it comes out in "the second half of 2010". Buy your computer now or hold on to your money until later--either way, you win! Google Chrome is an open-source effort and should not cost you any money at all. Take that, recession!

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