Monday, May 31, 2010

my stats don't lie

Churchill may have said that statistics are lies. However, numbers don't lie. Moreover, people like numbers as they are quantifiable.
A: What's that? You got beaten by a level five computer player? I can beat computer players level seven with ease. I am better at Super Smash Bros Brawl than you are.
B: Officer, you said you clocked me at 62 miles per hour? Please let it slide, I was only two miles over the speed limit. Please!
C: You had forty nine shots of Tequila within an hour? No wonder your eyes are as red as a traffic light! I have never done more than nineteen shots in one sitting.
Now, besides video games, speeding, and binge drinking, numbers can be used everywhere in daily life (Gasp!). One of the places where you can use numbers is your health, specifically your food. The best news is that it does not cost you anything more than it costs you to read this blog where I talk about thins from electoral reform in UK to strange ideas for twitter magazines. You might want to look into purchasing a tracker (techcrunch preview, cnet review), which costs less than a hundred dollars and is perpetually in high demand, but the website itself is free for use. (Disclosure: I use the website but not the tracker.)

Go to and take a look around. When you are ready, create a free account and adjust your privacy settings as you see fit. Then, you can start logging your food and activities. Log in everyday, bookmark the site, and keep track of your nutrition and activities. Also interesting is the concept of measuring your water intake. Take a look at this screenshot:

It encourages one to drink more water as you can see the cup is not even half full by the end of the day. Same goes with your food. If you track it, you are more likely to eat healthier.Lets look atanother screenshot:

Good luck and have fun with numbers!

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