Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Adobe Air updates automatically

If you use any of the popular cross-platform twitter clients on the desktop, chances are, you are running it on Adobe Air. Never heard of it? Maybe that's because you don't need to. Adobe Air updates automatically and it seems that it does not run continuously in the background and the update checks only activate when you actually run an adobe air application. Glad to see you do something sensible, Adobe! After the smack talk from Steve Jobs tonight, you might feel like you have lost the world but you know your future is not as gloomy as the analysts would like to tell us. Adobe is more than flash. Perhaps somewhere in the conversation, we have lost contact with reality when we say that Adobe is doomed because Flash is dying. Here's the analysis from TechCrunch
Jobs said that many technologies live in cycles — they have a Summer, and then go to the grave. Apple likes to choose technologies that are just in their Spring time, Jobs noted. Of course, he’s implying that Flash is not one of those technologies. And that instead, it too will soon be in the grave.

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