Wednesday, June 2, 2010

“We’re not going into search.” - Steve Jobs

I present the entire paragraph from all things d for your perusal: 
6:52 pm: Walt wonders why Apple bought Siri, a search company. “I don’t know if I would describe Siri as a search company,” Jobs says. “They’re not in the search area…they’re in the AI area.” Then he adds, a bit vehemently: “We’re not going into search.”
Remember that when Jobs says "no," we're not always sure that he really, really means it (the unofficial apple weblog, tuaw). Now add two and two together and we are no longer sure if a competitor to Google is not in the works in Cupertino (in a nascent, yet unknown to the public sector of search, but probably not not to the whole search arena as it exists today). Google is working hard to remain competitive in new avenues in search either internally or through acquisitions. Check out this short video on Google goggles

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